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English4Today.com has one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet with earnings between 15% and 30% from sales of English4Today desktop applications or memberships.

There are two ways for you to earn revenue with our program:

  1. SYNDICATE ENGLISH4TODAY CONTENT: You sign up for syndication of one of our content modules such as the Online English Grammar. Integration is very simple, just a few lines of code on your website and we offer free integration support. Then you have a fantastic resource on your site for your visitors. Once you have signed up for syndication and we have approved your website and application you can then also opt-in for our affiliate program from your on-line English4Today Admin section or right here on this page. Then you will not only have the content for your website but can also earn revenue from any of your users who purchase an English4Today desktop edition from your site or become a member of English4Today Online. Both syndication and the affiliate program are absolutely free of charge to you.
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  2. LINK AND BANNER DISPLAY: If you do not want to syndicate our content then you can opt to sign-up just for the affiliate program. Once signed up you will be able to access banners and text links to display on your site and will earn commissions on any sales generated from your users. Most sales attract a generous 20% commission. Both syndication and the affiliate program are absolutely free of charge to you.
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  3. DON'T HAVE A WEBSITE? If you are a teacher or trainer but don't have a website, you can join our special referral program and earn commission in exactly the same way as affiliates with websites. You just need to point the person you are refering to the English4Today website to a special page where they enter your tracking code and any sale made within 30 days of that is registered to you! For more information...


If you would like to know more about praxMatrix or have a question about the English4Today Affiliate Programs please complete the contact form.


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