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If you have a video on YouTube or and you would like to bring it to the attention of our EFL users (in excess of 1 million per year with over 150,000 registered members) then you can promote it here on the English4Today Video English website.

See a significant growth in views of your videos and click-throughs to your website once installed on the English4Today Video web.

We also add rich text linking from the English4Today sponsorerd link section to further enhance your SEO and back-link potential.

Our sponsored videos are context relevant both for the website and for the interests of our users and, because of this, drive better quality traffic through to your website.

Why use English4Today when you are already on YouTube?

  • Unlike YouTube, we have a highly focused user group all wanting information about learning English.
  • The English4Today English Video Web is the most visited section of any of our websites (and English4Today runs 8 different websites for EFL learners!)
  • You will see a significant growth in views of your videos and click-throughs to your website once you install it on the English4Today video web.
  • 75% of videos registered on the English4Today Video English webs have a higher search engine ranking than the YouTube original - this is because of the added advantage of the full text description that English4Today provides, a real plus when it comes to indexing pages for the search engines.
  • You can integrate links to your website as well as photographs or images from the English4Today text entry section allowing users direct and easy access to your own website.

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How is it done?

It’s very, very simple - the whole process shouldn’t take you more than 10 to 15 minutes.

You send us (using the form provided) the YouTube address of your video, for example, ‘‘ along with:

  • The name of your organization and your name and email address
  • A description of your services (up to about 800 words) - it can include your contact details, links to your website and even additional photos of your school
  • Pay the small annual fee of $49.95 per video entry
  • After we verify the details, we will then confirm receipt of the above and place it on the video web and make all necessary links. Done!

Get started straight away by completing the form…

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Before you start:

  • You must have an existing video on YouTube or or be able to provide us with a video to upload (contact us for conversion and installation costs). We will install it on YouTube, and the English4Today Video Web
  • Each video that you place on the sponsored section of English4Today costs $USD45.00 per year including hosting, processing of data, linkage and indexing on English4Today
  • Payment must be made online at time of order unless otherwise arranged with English4Today
  • English4Today maintains the right to refuse any video that it deems inappropriate for the website. If a video is refused by English4Today and you have paid, your payment will be refunded in full within 24 hours.
  • Your details will be available to users in two areas: the video English web and the sponsored link pages to optimise your back links and SEO value.

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