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  • The English4Today newsletter goes out to over 110,000 targeted EFL users once a month providing information and learning tips as well as information from our advertisers and sponsors and English4Today updates
  • The subscriber list is a full opt-in/opt-out list - it only goes to people who really want the information.
  • Only a limited number of advertising spots are available each month.
  • Prices vary depending on placement and advertising type.
  • Newsletters are archived on the English4Today website and continue to provide link traffic well after the issue date. There is no on-going charge for this residual advertising.
  • There is a much higher response rate to infomercials, links and button ads from the newsletter compared to standard website advertising.
  • The relative CPM (cost per thousand views) rate is extremely low and the viewers are all EFL enthusiasts.
  • Examples of past newsletters can be found here.

Meet our EFL/ESL subscribers! Over 125,000 of them...

How to order advertising

On the right of this page there is a reduced copy of the newsletter showing the advertising spots available. Reserve your advertising early as space is strictly limited. You can take as many unsold spots as you wish. Volume discounts apply. Complete the form below. We will confirm your order and send an invoice. Copy and graphics must be delivered by email at least 7 days prior to publication date. Payment on receipt of invoice and after confirmation of your order. Tip! Our reader's want information as well as offers and it is a good idea to make your text as informative as possible while presenting your offer. To check availability of your selected spot, click here.

Select your advertising position, the number of issues and start month:
    Price in USD $ Per Issue*
Position Desc 1 2 3 4 No.
A Top Infomercial, above fold, text 150 wds + graphic* & links 550 495 449 395
B Mid Infomercial, mid fold, text 150 wds + graphic* & links 400 360 320 280
C Lower Infomercial, below fold, text 150 wds + graphic* & links 280 250 220 195
D Bottom Infomercial, below fold, text 200 wds + graphic & links 195 170 150 130
E Button Ad: Max 150x 150 pixels, above fold + text link 150 140 130 120
F Text link: Menu style, no greater than 20 characters 55 50 45 40
G Button Ad: Below fold, Max 150 x 150 100 90 85 80
    Discounts for >4 issues contact us
* Infomercial graphics and text:
Max 150 words text. Simple HTML allowed (e.g. links, bullets, font color) but must respect the newsletter overall font size, style and design.
1 x (exactly 142 x 142 pixels) - standard newsletter article banner seen on the right next to each article.
1 x (max 400 x 100 pixels) - main infomercial banner
Note: if you host the banners on your own website please make them available for at least 3 months after the newsletter issue date as we continue to display the newsletter on the website.

A run over 2 issues of your banner in Position E will cost 140 x 2 = $280
A run over 4 issues of your advertisement at Position A will cost 4 x 395 = $1,580

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Payment and Copy:
There is no requirement to make payment at this stage. Once we have confirmed your order we will issue an invoice that must be paid within 48 hours of receipt unless arrangments have been made in writing beforehand. In all cases, advertising appearing in the next issue of the newsletter must be fully paid at least 7 days before the publication date.


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