Anthony Hughes

Creator of English4Today and author of the Online English Grammar

Anthony Hughes creator of English4Today and author of the Online English GrammarHi, I started developing English4Today way back in 2000 as an early experiment in English language online learning.  I had a background in international education and English language teaching and in the development of multimedia learning resources. In those days, when there weren’t so many websites focusing on online education or English language teaching, English4Today quickly became a very popular site for English language learners around the world.

Up to now we have helped over 750,000 students improve their English and the English4Today online teachers continue to deliver high-quality learning to thousands of students around the world.

Our online library of resources has grown considerably over the years and you now have a wide range of video, audio, grammar, vocabulary and test sections that you can choose from.

I hope that you enjoy the site and find the that our resources are a useful ait to improving your English language skills.

Happy learning!

Anthony Hughes
M.Litt, Cert. TESOL