1. [Adjective]: not canned or otherwise preserved; "fresh vegetables"

2. [Adjective]: not stale or old; "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"

3. [Adjective]: not containing or composed of salt water; "fresh water"

4. [Adverb]: very recently; "they are newly married"; "newly raised objections"; "a newly arranged hairdo"; "grass new washed by the rain"; "a freshly cleaned floor"; "we are fresh out of tomatoes"

5. not yet used or soiled; "a fresh shirt"; "a fresh sheet of paper"; "an unused envelope"

6. imparting vitality and energy; "the bracing mountain air"

7. of a kind not seen before; "the computer produced a completely novel proof of a well-known theorem"

8. not soured or preserved; "sweet milk"

9. having recently calved and therefore able to give milk; "the cow is fresh"

10. improperly forward or bold; "don''t be fresh with me"; "impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup"; "an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"

11. (of a cycle) beginning or occurring again; "a fresh start"; "fresh ideas"

12. free from impurities; "clean water"; "fresh air"

13. with restored energy

Similar words to 'fresh'

1. forward

2. clean

3. caller

4. crisp

5. firm

6. crunchy

7. fresh-cut

8. good

9. unspoiled

10. unspoilt

11. hot

12. new-made

13. strong

14. warm

15. uncured

16. unprocessed

17. freshwater

18. sweet

19. unsalty

20. invigorating

21. new

22. original

23. pure

24. unsoured

25. rested

26. wet

27. lactating

Opposite words to 'fresh'

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