1. [Adjective]: used of persons or behaviors; having no faults; sinless; "I felt pure and sweet as a new baby"- Sylvia Plath; "pure as the driven snow"

2. [Adjective]: (of color) being chromatically pure; not diluted with white or gray or black

3. [Adjective]: free of extraneous elements of any kind; "pure air and water"; "pure gold"; "pure primary colors"; "the violin''s pure and lovely song"; "pure tones"

4. not mixed; "pure oxygen"

5. free from discordant qualities

6. in a state of sexual virginity; "pure and vestal modesty"; "a spinster or virgin lady"; "men have decreed that their women must be pure and virginal"

7. concerned with theory and data rather than practice; opposed to applied; "pure science"

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