1. [Adjective]: able to feel or perceive; "even amoeba are sensible creatures"; "the more sensible p{ enveloping(a), shrouding(a), concealing,& (concealing by enclosing or wrapping as if in something that is not solid; "the enveloping darkness"; "hills concealed by shrou

2. [Adjective]: showing reason or sound judgment; "a sensible choice"; "a sensible person"

3. aware intuitively or intellectually of something sensed; "made sensible of his mistakes"; "I am sensible that the mention of such a circumstance may appear trifling"- Henry Hallam; "sensible that a good deal more is still to be done"- Edmund Burke

4. marked by the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters; "judicious use of one''s money"; "a sensible manager"; "a wise decision"

5. proceeding from good sense or judgment; "a sensible choice"

6. readily perceived by the senses; "the sensible universe"; "a sensible odor"

7. acting with or showing thought and good sense; "a sensible young man"

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