1. [Adjective]: not subject to change or variation especially in behavior; "a steady beat"; "a steady job"; "a steady breeze"; "a steady increase"; "a good steady ballplayer"

2. [Noun]: a person loved by another person

3. [Adverb]: in a steady manner; "he could still walk steadily"

4. relating to a person who does something regularly; "a regular customer"; "a steady drinker"

5. securely in position; not shaky; "held the ladder steady"

6. not easily excited or upset; "steady nerves"

7. marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable; "firm convictions"; "a firm mouth"; "steadfast resolve"; "a man of unbendable perseverence"; "unwavering loyalty"

8. not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall; "stocks are still firm"

9. persistent in occurrence and unvarying in nature; "maintained a constant temperature"; "a constant beat"; "principles of unvarying validity"; "a steady breeze"

10. [Verb]: make steady; "steady yourself"

11. [Verb]: support or hold steady and make steadfast, with or as if with a brace; "brace your elbows while working on the potter''s wheel"

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