1. [Noun]: the dead body of a human being

2. [Noun]: an ordinary man; "a lucky stiff"; "a working stiff"

3. [Adverb]: in a stiff manner; "his hands lay stiffly"

4. [Adverb]: extremely; "bored stiff"; "frightened stiff"

5. very drunk

6. of a collar; standing up rather than folded down; "an uncomfortable standup collar"; "a stiff collar"

7. rigidly formal; "a starchy manner"; "the letter was stiff and formal"; "his prose has a buckram quality"

8. not moving or operating freely; "a stiff hinge"

9. incapable of or resistant to bending; "a rigid strip of metal"; "a table made of rigid plastic"; "a palace guardsman stiff as a poker"

10. lacking ease in bending; not limber; "a stiff neck"; "stiff joints"; "stiff hairs"

11. hard to overcome or surmount; "a stiff hike"; "a stiff exam"; "an uphill battle against a popular incumbant"

12. powerful; "a stiff current"; "a stiff breeze"; "a stiff drink"

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