1. [Adjective]: not cut

2. [Adjective]: not shaped by cutting or trimming; "an uncut diamond"; "rough gemstones"

3. [Adjective]: not trimmed; "shaggy untrimmed locks"

4. [Adjective]: (of pages of a book) having adjacent leaves still joined at the fore edge; "a book with its leaves still uncut"

5. [Adjective]: (used of grass or vegetation) not cut down with a hand implement or machine; "uncut grass"; "an unmown lawn"

6. not cut; "glad to get out of the house with my throat uncut"- Tobias Smollett

7. complete; "the full-length play"

8. not cut down; "standing timber"; "uncut trees"

Similar words to 'uncut'

Opposite words to 'uncut'

1. cut

2. cut

3. cut

4. mown

5. cut

6. trimmed

7. cut

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