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1. [n] a classical Greek god after the overthrow of the Titans

2. [n] an athlete who participates in the Olympic games

3. [s] far beyond what is usual in magnitude or degree; "a night of exceeding darkness"; "an exceptional memory"; "olympian efforts to save the city from bankruptcy"; "the young Mozart''s prodigious talents"

4. [s] majestic in manner or bearing; superior to mundane matters; "his majestic presence"; "olympian detachment"; "olympian beauty and serene composure"

5. [a] of or pertaining to the greater gods of ancient Greece whose abode was Mount Olympus; "Olympian deities"

6. [a] of the region of Olympia in Greece or its inhabitants; "Olympian plain"

similar words

1. [a] extraordinary

2. [a] superior

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