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1. [s] causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm; "a dangerous operation"; "a grave situation"; "a grave illness"; "grievous bodily harm"; "a serious wound"; "a serious turn of events"; "a severe case of pneumonia"; "a life-threatening disease"

2. [a] involving or causing danger or risk; liable to hurt or harm; "a dangerous criminal"; "a dangerous bridge"; "unemployment reached dangerous proportions"

similar words

1. [a] critical

2. [s] breakneck

3. [s] chancy

4. [s] chanceful

5. [s] dicey

6. [s] dodgy

7. [s] desperate

8. [s] harmful

9. [s] hazardous

10. [s] risky

11. [s] venturesome

12. [s] venturous

13. [s] insidious

14. [s] mordacious

15. [s] on_the_hook(p)

16. [s] parlous

17. [s] perilous

18. [s] precarious

19. [s] touch-and-go

20. [s] self-destructive

21. [s] suicidal

22. [s] treacherous

23. [s] unreliable

opposite words

1. [a] safe

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