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1. [s] very close or connected in space or time; "contiguous events"; "immediate contact"; "the immediate vicinity"; "the immediate past"

2. [a] having no intervening medium; "an immediate influence"

3. [s] performed with little or no delay; "an immediate reply to my letter"; "prompt obedience"; "was quick to respond"; "a straightaway denial"

4. [s] immediately before or after as in a chain of cause and effect; "the immediate result"; "the immediate cause of the trouble"

5. [s] of the present time and place; "the immediate revisions"

similar words

1. [a] close

2. [s] direct

3. [s] unmediated

4. [a] fast

5. [a] proximate

6. [a] present(a)

opposite words

1. [a] mediate

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