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1. [n] a character or symbol set or printed or written above and immediately to one side of another character

2. [n] a town in northwest Wisconsin on Lake Superior across from Duluth

3. [n] the largest freshwater lake in the world; the deepest of the Great Lakes

4. [n] the head of a religious community

5. [n] one of greater rank or station or quality

6. [n] a combatant who is able to defeat rivals

7. [s] (sometimes followed by `to'') not subject to or influenced by; "overcome by a superior opponent"; "trust magnates who felt themselves superior to law"

8. [s] having a higher rank; "superior officer"

9. [a] of or characteristic of high rank or importance; "a superior officer"

10. [a] of high or superior quality or performance; "superior wisdom derived from experience"; "superior math students"

11. [a] having an orbit farther from the sun than the Earth''s orbit; "Mars and Jupiter are the closest in of the superior planets"

12. [a] written or printed above and to one side of another character

similar words

1. [a] dominant

2. [a] senior

3. [s] arch

4. [s] condescending

5. [s] patronizing

6. [s] patronising

7. [s] commanding

8. [s] ranking

9. [s] top-level

10. [s] top-ranking

11. [s] eminent

12. [s] high

13. [s] greatest

14. [s] leading(a)

15. [s] preeminent

16. [s] high-level

17. [s] high-ranking

18. [s] upper-level

19. [s] majestic

20. [s] olympian

21. [s] superordinate

22. [s] upper

23. [s] ace

24. [s] A-one

25. [s] crack

26. [s] first-rate

27. [s] super

28. [s] tiptop

29. [s] topnotch

30. [s] tops(p)

31. [s] banner

32. [s] blue-ribbon(a)

33. [s] select

34. [s] boss

35. [s] brag

36. [s] brilliant

37. [s] superb

38. [s] capital

39. [s] choice

40. [s] prime(a)

41. [s] prize

42. [s] quality

43. [s] select

44. [s] excellent

45. [s] first-class

46. [s] fantabulous

47. [s] fine

48. [s] good

49. [s] gilt-edged

50. [s] greatest

51. [s] sterling(a)

52. [s] superlative

53. [s] high-performance

54. [s] outstanding

55. [s] premium

56. [s] pukka

57. [s] pucka

58. [s] shining

59. [s] spiffing

60. [s] supreme

61. [s] top-flight

62. [s] top-hole

63. [s] topping

64. [s] transcendent

65. [s] surpassing

66. [s] weapons-grade

67. [s] well-made

opposite words

1. [n] subscript

2. [n] inferior

3. [n] inferior

4. [a] inferior

5. [a] inferior

6. [a] inferior

7. [a] subscript

8. [a] inferior

9. [a] adscript

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