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1. [a] (often followed by `of'' or `to'') yielding readily to or capable of; "susceptible to colds"; "susceptible of proof"

2. [s] easily impressed emotionally

similar words

1. [s] allergic

2. [s] hypersensitive

3. [s] hypersensitized

4. [s] hypersensitised

5. [s] sensitized

6. [s] sensitised

7. [s] supersensitive

8. [s] supersensitized

9. [s] supersensitised

10. [s] capable

11. [s] open

12. [s] subject

13. [s] convincible

14. [s] persuadable

15. [s] persuasible

16. [s] suasible

17. [s] fictile

18. [s] pliable

19. [s] liable(p)

20. [s] nonimmune

21. [s] nonresistant

22. [s] unresistant

23. [s] predisposed

24. [s] responsive

25. [s] amenable

26. [s] tractable

27. [s] suggestible

28. [s] temptable

29. [s] unvaccinated

30. [s] vulnerable

31. [a] impressionable

32. [a] impressible

opposite words

1. [a] unsusceptible

2. [a] insusceptible

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