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Test your English Language Skills TECHNICAL HELP

1. The test loads but no text appears in the Flash movie...

This can happen if you are not using the latest version of the Flash Player. You will need to have installed Version 7 or above. Download the latest version from http://www.adobe.com

2. I have tried to access the 'print version' but nothing happens

Most print versions open up in a window called a 'pop-up window'. Your browser may have a block on pop-up windows which you will need to remove for this site.

3. I am waiting for a long time and nothing is appearing...

If you are on a slow internet connection (56K dial-up) then some of our tests and games may take some time to download - especially the ones with audio and video in them. We suggest that you avoid those tests and use ones that are not media-rich.

4. I am a member but my username and password keep on getting rejected...

Are you sure that you are entering them correctly and that the username is the one you originally supplied?

Did you provide a valid email address when you registered? Problems occur if we have not been able to validate your email address. This can happen if you made a mistake entering it or if you supplied a non-existent address.

If you cannot resolve the problem then request that we send you the username and password again - note it will be sent to the original email address - if you do not use that address anymore you will need to contact our support desk..

5. I'm getting an error saying that the 'SID' can't be found....

This is a session ID and will only apply if you are a member. If you leave your Internet connection running with the browser open at the test and go away for more than 30 minutes the session with our site times out and the tracking variables are deleted. You only need to go back and login again. If this does not work close your browser, re-open it and enter the site again.

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