Author of the Online English Grammar

Anthony Hughes has been involved in education for the past twenty years. He spent his formative years in Australia and attended the Universities of Sydney (B.A.), New England (M.Litt) and the University of New South Wales (Cert. TESOL)

After receiving a Masters in English Literature and Language he went on to teach English in several countries including Australia, Switzerland and France. He worked as an international education consultant for a number of Australian universities and colleges and for the IDP (International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges).

While in Switzerland he wrote and directed a six part audio-visual course for English language learners and was the director of the international education fair 'Mondolingua' held annually in Geneva.

He has lectured and given presentations in the USA, Germany, Australia, the UK and Switzerland and has been published in leading international education journals.

He was a founding partner in the Digital Education Network Ltd. and is Chief Executive Officer of praxMatrix Education, a leading international education consultancy and the owners of English4Today and CAELT.

He has worked on a number of international e-learning projects and is currently developing e-learning portals for developing countries as well as doing research on the use of ICT for international student support.

The Online English Grammar currently attracts over 300,000 monthly user sessions and is syndicated to sites all over the world.

A note from Anthony

The Online English Grammar has been one of those projects that started off (way back in 1995!) as a simple text tool to help EFL students with their grammar. Since then it has been an on-going process of updating both the content and design and I have to thank everyone who has helped in that process over the years. Most of all I need to thank the readers who keep on sending me emails pointing out errors, typos and bits and pieces that just ain't right! Eventually, I get around to sorting out these little slips and black holes and I appreciate your emails - they help and have helped to make the grammar one of the most popular reference and learning resources on the Internet for English language.

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