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Why is sheep a countable noun?
Asked by: Hanneke, Netherlands

does the word christmas have a plural form
Asked by: john gomez, Colombia

When can the word "adopted" be used as a noun? If we said that my son was "adopted." Is that a noun for since it is not really showing action.
Asked by: Mary Cooper, USA

Is it correct to use the indefinite article refering to a certain trademark and to do so allways in the same text? For example: "A trademark "PENGUIN" (registration No.23357) is similar to other registered rademarks. Therefore a trademark "PENGUIN" (registration No.23357) can not be registered with the Patent Bureau."
Asked by: Andrius, Lithuania

I am constantly currently arguing with my boss over the correct capitilization of job titles. He says they should always be capitilized and I say they should never be. For example he wants me to type Area Manager but I always just type area manager. I have seen this in print in all industry publications and I never see anyone capitilize their work titles. Am I right?
Asked by: M. Tucker, Australia

Which is correct in English-"the only children" or "the only childs"?
Asked by: Claudia K., USA

Is it proper to use s at any time with the sl. & pl. noun deer other than showing possession (as in the deer's foot)?
Asked by: Connie Garber, USA

When using someones last name and trying to use it in a sentence showing plurality. How do you puntuate a last name that ends in -is. Example: The Harris's or Harris' are having a get together this evening.
Asked by: Harris, USA

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