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When do we have to use the past participle of the verb when the tense of your statement is in the present tense. This is because I get confused when someone asks me about this. Like for ex. I think your headset is broken. I know this sentence is write, but why use past participle (broken). Thanks

Asked by: Christy, USA

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How can i make a passive sentence: "Although many people were affected by this terrible catastrophe, still some refuse to admit the reality of what really happened during this time" into a PRESENT tense sentence?
Asked by: emily, USA

I need help! The grammar of the passive ist so bad. Can you help me with some tipps.
Asked by: Egon Meyer, Germany

In response to the question to the question, "May i speak to Gerry?"Is it correct to say. "This is he" or is better to say "This is him."
Asked by: gerry kelley, USA

Why is the active tone of voice better to use than the passive?
Asked by: Danny, USA

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