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I have to type the following sentence and don't know the proper way: Dot all your T's and I's. (it should not be T apostrophe, but in order to make it stand out, I did it. Thanks.
Asked by: sue smith, USA

Which indefinite article should be used A "L" shaped angle or An "L" shaped angle?
Asked by: Judith, USA

What is an adjective?
Asked by: Tammy, USA

I was a lazy person in High School but now at 54 I have developed a love for reading. I have read some works that have left me puzzled so I started reading a book How to Read A Book (the classic guide to intellegent reading) By Mortimer Adler And Charles Van Doren. I realize I need help with english grammer cause over the years I feel I have forgotten all the rules. Where should I go for help. Not able to attend any schools cause my job keeps me on the road all the time. Any sugestions for some books to help me get back into understanding grammer. The book I referred to said I needed to determine the author's message while reading and that means being able to find the authors propositions, arguments,and come to term with his writing to be able to understand what he/she is saying.
Asked by: Larry, USA

When is it proper to use ain't in a sentence.
Asked by: Glen Davidson, USA

What's the meaning of 'five score years ago'?
Asked by: claire, USA

what is happy?
Asked by: kwok ching yee, Hong Kong

Is "how'd" an acceptable contraction for "how did," as in "How'd you learn so much about word usage?" A co-worker told me today that "how'd" isn't a word. I can't find any references to it in dictionaries or style guides, but have always assumed it was fine to use in (informal) written English. Thanks!
Asked by: Arthur, USA

Asked by: ALISON, USA

How to use the 12 Tense in English grammar?
Asked by: Sukanlaya, Thailand

Correct? "I know that that is true" Correct? "What it is, is".
Asked by: Ruth, USA

would you clarify the rules or cases when you use "it's" versus "its?"
Asked by: daiku, USA

What is the literal meaning of this sentence: "I had no doubt that you would not succeed."
Asked by: Pat Finan, USA

Is it an unique or a unique?
Asked by: Biff, USA

Why is the second "i" in the word aluminium silent?
Asked by: sascha , Germany

What is proper? a historic monument or an historic monument?
Asked by: Angela Hicks, USA

Duty vs. Responsibility I have a problem with the distinction of the nouns duty and responsibility. My 12 year old son is being taught in 7th grade Civics that duty is something you MUST do and responsibility is something you SHOULD do. I have consulted several dictionaries and thesauri, none of which appear to support the above definitions. I am an English woman living in the U.S. and there are so many conflicts between the two countries usage of the English language that I am often confused. If you could clarify this matter I would be eternally in your debt.
Asked by: Suzanne Grumko, USA

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