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Can we say I arrive to work at 9 o'clock or do we need to use "at"? Also can we say I was late to class or do we need to use "in"? Thank you
Asked by: Cathy THEORET, Canada

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Which is correct ‘on holiday‘ or ‘for a holiday

Asked by: Sarika in India, USA

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can we say both: at the cinema and in the cinema? thank you
Asked by: maarouf, Lebanon

IS is correct to say: In Christmas we use to eat turkey. or At Christmas we use to... which is the right preposition before the word Christmas in cases like this?
Asked by: Celia Mendoza, Mexico

The phrase, "for free", is heard a lot these days. It seems like bad usage to me. What is the grammatical explanation?
Asked by: Ken Williams, USA

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