If you cannot login to your account and if you get a message saying that your session token has expired:

If the message looks like this screen shot:

I cannot login to my account 5

  • close your browser, re-open it and try the login again
  • if that does not work: delete all cookies including session cookies from English4Today and try again

If you have forgotten your original password:

  • Use the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the below the login button on the login form.

If you login and the form does not send an error message but just returns you to the form:

  • See if there is a menu item ‘Account‘ (see screenshot below) – if there is, you are now logged in.
  • If you cannot see the menu link, try https://english4today.com/account/

If you still cannot login after trying the above, contact our Support Desk.

If you are logged in you should see the ‘Account’ item in the menu bar:

I cannot login to my account 6

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