Tests: How to interpret the results shown on English4Today certificates

If you are checking the results shown on your certificate or one presented to you, please read the following points carefully.

Types of English level tests

English4Today provides 3 English Level Test formats:

  1. A STANDARD non-certified test: no sign-up and no certificate is provided.
  2. A STANDARD non-certified level test: sign-up and completion certificate are provided
  3. A PREMIUM certified and authenticated test. Sign-up, certificate and full authentication of the certificate is provided guaranteed by English4Today
For full information about all test types see here.

That is, we do not guarantee that the person named on the certificate took the test. Standard tests are useful if you or your organisation supervise the user as they take the test, for example, in a classroom or training room setting.

Only the PREMIUM test is authenticated and guaranteed by English4Today.

The CERTIFIED Certificate and how to interpret it

Level Tests 1
  1. The  name of the person taking the test appears below the name of the test.
  2. The FINAL PERCENTAGE should be reviewed against the table below to find the English language level
  3. The AUTHENTICATION CODE only shows on the PREMIUM/CERTIFIED test certificate and can be used to authenticate the certificate with English4Today Admin.

Percentage achieved and English language levels

0 - 34%A1Beginner
35 - 54%A2Low intermediate
55 - 69%B1Intermediate
70 - 84%B2Upper intermediate
85 - 96%C1Advanced
97 - 100%C2Expert

For more information about English language levels see here.