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July 2008

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How to Learn English Online ... free!

Free Membership to Learn English Online

English4Today has gives you a complete 'toolkit' for learning English online. And nearly all of it is free!

The first thing to do is to register for Free Membership of English4Today so that you can access all of the services and learning tools. After that you can access the forums, use the complete Online English4Today Grammar, Ask question in the English4Today Grammar FAQ, download free studyGuides and use the hundreds of other resources open to members.

Register for Free English4Today Membership now!

Write English Like an Expert!

Write English Like an Expert Improve your English writing with WhiteSmoke's All-In-One writing software - A smart writing engine that helps you write like a professional.

This unique patent-based technology checks your grammar, corrects your spelling and enriches text, taking your writing from simple to sophisticated.

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Test your English

Test Your English

How good is your English? English4Today provides a free English language assessment tool on our main website and through our special Assessment Website that you can use to evaluate your English language level.

If you are really serious about knowing your level you will want to take a full assessment with an English4Today tutors who will evaluate your spoken and written level as well as your grammar, vocabulary and reading levels.

Free Assessment :: Full Assessment

Grammar Spot : Using the Present Perfect

July Grammar Spot

Using the Present Perfect is not always that easy for English language learners. However, once you remember a few simple rules it gets a lot easier to use it in your conversation. Firstly, you form the Present Perfect using the subject + the auxiliary have/has + the past participle of the verb. For example:

She + has + lived in France for ten years.

We use it mainly for talking about actions started in the past and continuing in the present.

To find a full explanation of the Present Perfect rules and areas where it may not be so clear read the English4Today Grammar Section and read the English4Today Blog entries while you listen to the accompanying podcast episode.

Singin' Right and Speakin' Wrong

using English

What is 'correct' English? If you listen to pop songs in English you may wonder why the words of the song seem to be grammatically incorrect. Can you really speak like that? Are there grammar rules that you perhaps don't know about?

As a result of a lot of questions, especially about English song lyrics, we have posted an article on the English4Today blog which looks at the lyrics of a song by Akon and discusses the type of English used in it.

Read the English4Today Blog Article about Akon's song

English Language Desktop Software

Desktop Software

Award-winning English4Today Desktop Software can now be downloaded in a trial version from the main website. And, as a special bonus to our readers, there is a $10 discount coupon in the trial version for when you purchase the full version.

The desktop software is an ideal study companion and has a full English grammar, guide to punctuation, writing guidelines, tests and quizzes and much more. Rather than being another passive learning plugin that can 'correct' your grammar or spelling the English4Today Desktop Software is an active learning assistant designed to help you learn English online and offline.

Trial Version of the Desktop Software

English4Today Business English Course

Business English

English4Today has been running its very successful Business English Course now for over 18 months and has registered students from many leading multi-national organizations.

The course is over 20 units of study and each student is assigned a personal tutor who is availbale online for one-to-one lessons and to grade their assignments and provide feedback on your written submissions. All material are provided as well a copies of the English4Today Desktop Software and 1 years premium membership fo the English4Today Club.

Each student has a personal 'My Documents' folder where tutors send up materials designed specifically for the students' business needs.

The course has been designed by experts course developers with long experience in developing courses for Business English.

If you would like more information go to the Business English website at:

Business English Course

Online and One-to-One: Your Own Tutor

Personal Tutors

We've introduced more flexible learning packages for online lessons with a Personal English4Today Tutor .

You can now register for 5, 10 or 20 lessons at a time and start off with a single 1 hour trial lesson to see how you like it. This is the ideal formula if you want a less structured course that puts more stress on conversation and developing general English skills around materials that particularly interest you. Each student gets 1 year's Premium Membership of English4Today + the Desktop Software and access to the course website.

Find out more about the options and registration :

Your Personal English Language Tutor

Readers' Questions

Every month we publish one question from an English4Today member in the newsletter. However, we answer a lot more in the Online Grammar FAQ and a lot of them have podcast sound files with the answers.

This month's question follows the newsletter Grammar Point and was sent in by Sahra PISANO in Brazil : What's the difference between these sentences: "I'm married for 3 years" and "I've been married for 3 years"?

Readers' Questions

When you see 'for' with a period or duration of time - as in 'for three years' or 'for a long time' or 'for two days' then you know that the verb will be in the Present Perfect.

We use the Present Perfect when we are talking about something started in the past and continuing in the present. The structure of the the Present Perfect is:



Your first sentence is, therefore, not correct and the second one is correct.

Get the full answer to this question and many others sent in to the English4Today Ask an Expert service. This answer has a sound file podcast attached so that you can also listen to the answer as well.

Get the full answer now


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