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MARCH 2009

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A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation.

Hector Hugh Munro

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Write Right! Do you want to be a writer?

Always wanted to be a writer? Thinking of starting a career in writing or journalism or do you just love writing for pleasure? Well, this month we are very proud to announce the opening of our new website dedicated to people just like you - all about writers, writing and everything to do with the world of writing and publishing. And we're kicking off with a fantastic writing competiton with over $1,500 in prizes!

Although the site is still a baby we are adding to it daily with author videos and interviews, writers' blog, writing and grammar tips and a lot more! Check out Writing4Today now!



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It's never been more important for you to get the edge and keep it! And that is often all about how well you communicate. Written communication is just as important as being able to speak well and if you want to really improve your written English, whether English is your mother tongue or not, then the award-winning Whitesmoke software is the tool you need. The software not only picks up grammar errors but makes suggestions to help you improve the flow, organization and structure of your writing. If you write for business, school or pleasure this software will help iron out most of those ingrained problems that you let slip into your writing.

More information....


Word of the Month

This month's Featured Video


'Lampoon' is not the most common word in English but if you google it you'll see that it isn't that rare either. It is particularly associated with the famous satirical magazine of the 70's the 'National Lampoon'.


1. [n] a composition that imitates somebody's style in a humorous way

2. [v] ridicule with satire; "The writer satirized the politician's proposal"


Look up words in the English4Today Online Dictionary and then add them to your personal dictionary (myVocab).

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March Video : Let's Go Shopping!

This month's Featured Video

This month's video introduces some key vocabulary for shopping. A recession may not be the best time to be learning how to spend your money but times can only get better!

The video has been produced by a couple of young ladies whose acting ability is a little doubtful but who make up for it  with their enthusiasm. Some of the key phrases that they use in the video are listed under the video on the website. Shop till you drop!

Watch the video now!


July Grammar Spot

Adverbs of manner tell us how something happens. They are usually placed after the main verb or after the object.


  • He swims well, (after the main verb)
  • He ran... rapidly, slowly, quickly..
  • She spoke... softly, loudly, aggressively..
  • James coughed loudly to attract her attention.
  • He plays the flute beautifully. (after the object)
  • He ate the chocolate cake greedily.

BE CAREFUL! The adverb should not be put between the verb and the object:

  • He ate greedily the chocolate cake [incorrect]
  • He ate the chocolate cake greedily [correct]


For the full explanation go to: English4Today Online Grammar.

Readers' Questions : John and I, John and me?

Readers' QuestionsEvery month we publish one question from an English4Today member in the newsletter. However, we answer a lot more in the Online Grammar FAQ and a lot of them have podcast sound files with the answers.

This month's question was sent in by Glenda Ferrell, USA:

Q: Which is proper? Please help John and I or please help John and me?


A: An easy way to remember this is to remove the other part of the coordinated personal pronoun (in this case 'John and') and determine which pronoun to use in the sentence.

I'm pretty sure you know that 'Please help me' is correct. So 'Please help John and me' is also correct.

In the following sentence 'I' would be used.
'John and I need help' (you can see that without 'John and' the 'I need help' makes perfect sense.)

Get the full answer now with sound file podcast

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