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If you need to improve your written communication skills in English then the best way is an online course with English4Today. The courses have been designed by published authors and academics and you are assigned a tutor for the duration of your course who you will be in direct email contact with you.

Your personal tutor helps you through the course work, assesses your assignments and answers your questions. Each unit of the course will help eliminate stylistic and grammatical problems and make you more aware of the best choice of vocabulary and syntax for the writing task that you are undertaking.


English4Today provides Online Writing Courses for:


Each course also comes with a Premium English4Today membership, a fully licensed copy of the English4Today desktop software and Writers' English Grammar and Style E-book. Each course unit takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. You are assessed for each unit and provided with a complete final assessment. All tutors are highly qualified English language teachers.

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