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English Language Tests and Assessments

CAELT for Employers and Groups

CAELT (Computer Assessed English Language Test) is a widely recognized test used for the assessment of English language skills. It is used by corporations, schools, colleges and individuals all over the world.


CAELT tests are increasingly popular as a solution for groups and employers as they offer a standards-based, globally reacheable, cost-effective solution for assessing employees or prospective employees, students or applicants or any candidate group where it is vital to know the English language level.

It is being used more and more as a valid alternative to the more expensive and less flexible assessments offered traditionally.

It is a flexible, in-depth and fully online tool for English language assessments that is both cost-effective and scaleable (it can be used by one or many thousands of candidates and large organizations can access their own optional online administration and statistics web).

A full report is provided with the CAELT and CAELTplus assessments as well as a printable certificate with an option for an embossed and printed certificate to be mailed to the candidate.

The results and levels are in line with the Council of Europe's Language testing framework and provide an equivalent in terms of IELTS and Cambridge examinations.

There are three version of the CAELT Assessment. You can select the one that is most suitable for you or your organization:

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Includes the CAELT assessment + written English and spoken English sections assessed by a professional assessor. The CAELTplus report also provides the assessors comments and recomendations.
Price $40.00
Premium Members $32.00
Price $15.50
Premium Members $9.95
Price $9.95
Premium Members $5.95

Please contact CAELT directly for more information and pricing.

Group access allows you to set up an online assessment group for your organization with its own administration and statistics web. We provide a cost effective, sliding scale for multiple users and all of the technical and support facilities to run the system. It can be integrated into your own web with a simple block of code. It is currently being used by multi-national corporations, colleges and schools all over the world.


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