Teaching with English4Today

You can use English4Today to:

  • Provide valuable learning resources for your students
  • Run your own online classes on English4Today or you can start your own branded online school with praxLearn
  • Set your own prices for your courses
  • Earn as an instructor and an affiliate by referring people to English4Today memberships

Resources for you & your students

The English4Today resources include:

  • English Grammar
  • Online Courses
  • Progress & Achievement  Tracking
  • Authenticated certification for course results and proficiency tests
  • English Language Podcast Series
  • Vocabulary Builder & Dictionary
  • English Language Ask & Answer
  • English Language Professional Assessment System
  • Punctuation Guide
  • Writing Guide
  • Tests, Quizzes and Games
  • Download printable teacher  and student files
  • Study abroad English language school guide

Together they form an invaluable learning and teaching zone for you and your students.

Unlike many resources they are structured so that you and your students can pick-and-choose rather than follow a strict linear progression giving you greater flexibility as a teacher and your students a more open and interesting learning environment. The resources offer a perfect companion for courses that you build and deliver on English4Today.

Teach Online with English4Today

If you do not have a website, it is very simple to become an instructor with English4Today, earn revenue and engage new students. You can also become an English4Today affiliate:

  • Refer students to our membership services, courses and publications. For every sale made through a referral you will earn a commission.
  • Introducing your school or college group and organisation accounts. A referral through you can earn high-level commissions for group training

Become an English4Today Affiliate

As an affiliate you can earn attractive commissions by referring users to English4Today. The more people who engage with us through you the higher you commission level will become!

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