Our partners

English4.today is proud to work with partner organisations to extend the value we can provide to their clients and students and to provide more value to our own members and teaching team. 

If you are interested in partnering with English4.today please complete the form below letting us know why you feel working together would be mutually beneficial. 

Our partners 1

The International Association for Online Teachers works to both improve online teaching practices and professionalism and to advocate for online teachers globally. The association works with English4.today’s online teaching team to research and develop better online teaching practices for English language training.

Our partners 2

International Education Connect was incorporated in 1990  and connects students worldwide with educational institutions globally. IEC provides English4.today with the framework for our Study English Abroad section.  IEC’s online CoursePricer system gives our students and members the ability to retrieve real-time pricing for study abroad programs in several countries.

Our partners 3

CAELT (Computer Assisted English Language Tests) works with English4.today to provide standards based and authenticated English language testing proficiency for our members and students. CAELT tests are standardised against the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) model for grading language proficiency. English4.today provides online assessment certified by CAELT.

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