Graded Quantifiers

They function like comparatives and hold a relative position on a scale of increase or decrease.
graded quantifiers

INCREASE From 0% to 100%

With plural countable nouns:
many more most
With uncountable nouns:
much more most

DECREASE From 100% to 0%

With plural countable nouns:
few fewer fewest
With uncountable nouns:
little less least


  • There are many people in England, more in India, but the most people live in China.
  • Much time and money is spent on educationmore on health services but the most is spent on national defence.
  • Few rivers in Europe are not polluted.
  • Fewer people die young now than in the seventeenth century.
  • The country with the fewest people per square kilometre must be Australia.
  • Scientists have little hope of finding a complete cure for cancer before the year 2,000.
  • She had less time to study than Paul but had better results.
  • Give that dog the least opportunity and it will bite you.

Use graded quantifiers with the countable noun 'people' to talk about this chart..

Graded quantifiers 1
Example sentence..

Here is an example sentence...

  • Many people live in the USA but more people live in India and the most people live in China.