ie and eg latin abbreviations

Using i.e. and e.g. correctly in English

Latin may be a ‘dead’ language but it is surprising how many English words come directly from Latin and how many we still use today.

Two of the most common Latin abbreviations are e.g. and i.e. and we often confuse how to use them. This Quick Tip video should help you use them correctly.


An abbreviation of id est meaning in other words.

  • He didn’t answer my questions, i.e., he remained silent the entire time.
  • Europe’s highest mountain, i.e., Mt.Blanc, usually has snow on its peak all year.

i.e. provides more precise information.


An abbreviation of exempli gratia meaning  for example.

  • Many birds (e.g., duck, geese and swans) live in wetland reserves and are protected.
  • Skyscrapers (e.g. the Empire State Building and the Burj Khalifa ) are very tall buildings with many floors and usually located in large cities.

e.g. provides more options .

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