Being positive is not always easy in a world that gives us plenty of reasons not to be!

Mainly to change the pace a little from the daily dose of grammar points that I send you, I thought I might give you a list of words that you can be positive about.

This is not a list I’ve compiled, in fact I’d find it hard to get too positive about some listed words like ‘drool‘ and ‘juicy‘ and I have a few doubts about just how much bending of the meaning we need to do to make words like ‘shy‘,’spice‘ and ‘tan‘ positive. Maybe that’s why the magazine, Competitors Journal, that first published this list of Bob Hitching’s Positive Words no longer exists!

Anyway, for those of us sitting in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is coming and its time to ward off the cold, bleak weather with a bit of positive vocabulary. Who knows, you may even find that you can use one or two of these gems of positive vocabulary in your next email, letter or essay.

For those of you who are only listening to the podcast, you can find the printed list on the English4Today blog site or the Grammar FAQ.

So here it is … I hope you find it absorbing, admirable and absolutely appealing!

Absolutely Absorbing Abundance Ace
Active Admirable Adore Agree
Alert A1 Alive Amazing
Appealing Approval Aroma Attraction
Award Bargain Beaming Beats
Beautiful Best Better Bits
Boost Bounce Breakthrough Breezy
Brief Bright Brilliant Brimming
Buy Care Certain Charming
Chic Choice Clean Clear
Colorful Comfy Compliment Confidence
Connoisseur Cool Courteous Coy
Creamy Crisp Cuddly Dazzling
Debonair Delicate Delicious Delightful
Deluxe Dependable Desire Diamond
Difference Dimple Discerning Distinctive
Divine Dreamy Drool Dynamic
Easy Economy Ecstatic Effervescent
Efficient Endless Energy Enhance
Enjoy Enormous Ensure Enticing
Essence Essential Exactly Excellent
Exceptional Exciting Exclusive Exhilaration
Exotic Expert Exquisite Extol
Extra Eye-catching Fabled Fair
Famous Fantastic Fashionable Fascinating
Fab Fast Favorite Fetching
Finest Finesse First Fizz
Flair Flattering Flip Flourishing
Foolproof Forever Fragrance Free
Freshness Friendly Full Fun
Galore Generous Genius Gentle
Giggle Glamorous Glitter Glorious
Glowing Go-ahead Golden Goodness
Gorgeous Graceful Grand Great
Guaranteed Happy Healthy Heartwarming
Heavenly Ideal Immaculate Impressive
Incredible Inspire Instant Interesting
Invigorating Invincible Inviting Irresistible
Jewel Joy Juicy Keenest
Kind Kissable K.O. Know-how
Leads Legend Leisure Light
Lingering Logical Longest Lovely
Lucky Luscious Luxurious Magic
Matchless Magnifies it Maxi Memorable
Mighty Miracle Modern More
Mouthwatering Multi Munchy Natural
Need New Nice Nutritious
O.K. Opulent Outlasts Outrageous
Outstanding Palate Palatial Paradise
Pamper Passionate Peak Pearl
Perfect Pick-me-up Pleasure Pleases
Plenty Plum Plump Plus
Popular Positive Power Precious
Prefer Prestige Priceless Pride
Prime Prize Protection Proud
Pure Quality Quantity Quenching
Quick Quiet Radiant Ravishing
Real Reap Recommendation Refined
Refreshing Relax Reliable Renowned
Reputation Rest Rewarding Rich
Right Rosy Royal Safety
Save Satisfaction Scores Seductive
Select Sensitive Sensational Serene
Service Sexy Shapely Share
Sheer Shy Silent Silver
Simple Singular Sizzling Skilful
Slick Smashing Smiles Solar
Smooth Soft Sound Sparkling
Special Spectacular Speed Spicy
Splendid Spice Spotless Spruce
Star Strong Stunning Stylish
Subtle Success Succulent Sun
Superb Superlative Supersonic Supreme
Sure Sweet Swell Symphony
Tan Tangy Tasty Tempting
Terrific Thoroughbred Thrilling Thriving
Timeless Tingle Tiny Top
Totally Traditional Transformation Treat
Treasure Trendy True Trust
Ultimate Ultra Unbeatable Unblemished
Undeniably Undoubtedly U Unique
Unquestionably Unrivaled Unsurpassed Valued
Valuable Vanish Varied Versatile
Victor Vigorous Vintage V.I.P.
Vital Vivacious Warm Wealth
Wee Whiz Whole Whopper
Winner Wise Wonderful Worthy
Wow! Youthful Yule Young
Zap Zeal Zest Zip