3 best tests to know your English language level

What is your English language level? Find out today with a standards-based English4Today English level test.

We’ve expanded the choices for our very popular online English level tests (over 140,000 people have taken our tests!). You can now choose a test that really suits you: 

  1. TEST 1: a FREE test just for your own personal knowledge. No sign-up or payment required. This test will give you a good idea of your English level.
  2. TEST 2: a FREE test that will give you a downloadable certificate with your results on it. You need to sign-up for this test so that your certificate has your name added to it and your results can be emailed to you. This is good for class tests and your own general information but is not a validated test for employers or colleges etc.
  3. TEST 3: a PREMIUM test that has more questions and covers ALL English skills including long-form writing and speaking and conversation. The speaking / conversation is taken online via Skype with one of our trained tutors and the written section is also marked by a tutor. This test has a certificate that is validated by English4Today and can be used for employment and colleges etc. It has a WebCheck feature that gives any third part you give your certificate ID to the possibility to check and validate the results on our website. 
If you want to compare all of the feature of the three tests take a look at the feature comparison table here.

Select the test that suits you ...


FREE standard level test + downloadable certificate and email results send to you. Sign-up required but no payment.