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We’re excited to announce that we have a new Quick Tips English Video learning series online now. 

The video series makes it really easy for you to learn something new in under 2 minutes! 

Learn on the bus, on your way to school or work, in a break, while you are travelling. Just a few minutes a day to increase your knowledge of English.

And each post that accompanies the Quick Tip videos has links to more information about the topic if you want to learn more and go deeper.

How do I find the videos?

Easy! Either under the ‘RESOURCES’ menu item where you will find ‘Quick Tip Videos’ or use the fly-out on the right side of your screen (desktop only).

How long are the videos?

The Quick Tip Videos are between 20 seconds and 120 seconds. Short enough to present a key English language topic and for you to learn it quickly!

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