A Christmas Carol – An audio and reading book by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol : New Audio E-Book 1

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And I send this to all of our readers, no matter whether you celebrate Christmas in your culture or not – may you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2023.

Christmas is almost on us again. For many thousands of people this Christmas is not going to be quite as shiny and happy as those in the past. A lot of people will be facing an uncertain future or are worried about what 2023 will bring. Well, maybe this gift from us of one of the most celebrated stories of hardship, poverty, redemption and generosity will help make this Christmas a little brighter and remind us all that at the heart of this celebration is the idea of sharing with others, bringing goodwill and happiness into our lives and those of others and re-affirming the bonds of caring and feeling between us .

This is a completely free e-book that you can run on your desktop with all of the audio files installed on your computer or you can choose to view and listen to it on our website.

The English4Today e-book version contains full text as well as a complete reading of the book so that you can either just listen, just read or do both!

We’ve provided the e-book in three different formats so that everyone can access it and enjoy it:

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