New site for TEFL teachers

A new site has been launched for TEFL / TESOL and ELT professionals that collects the latest TESOL/TEFL news and events, jobs and teaching articles from around the internet:

Shannon Joyce, TEFLpost Editor Tweet

The new editor of TEFLpost, Shannon Joyce, has told English4Today that TEFLpost is both an online aggregator of the latest TEFOL and TESOL articles and a resource site for TEFL teachers. 

Shannon says that “TEFLpost is a bit different from other TEFL sites as we are not product-based but rather a free resource site and online magazine that gives teachers the chance to explore a lot ofarticles, courses, job opportunities and  events from one hub.”

TEFLpost is in its launch phase but already has a lot of invaluable material for TEFL/TESOL professionals.

If you want to actively participate in the TEFLpost community you can also contribute articles, job vacancies, event listing, reviews and you experiences as a TEFL teacher directly on the site.

Check out TEFLpost now…

A new site for TEFL teachers 2

Shannon Joyce
TEFLpost Editor

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