10 Hindi words used in English

English has borrowed words from many languages including French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Chinese and Hindi.

Here are 10 Hindi words commonly used in English.

10 hindi words used in English
10 Hindi words used in English
  1. Jungle : from Hindi jangal a wasteland
  2. Thug : from Hindi thag meaning a thief or robber
  3. Loot : from Hindi lut meaning to steal
  4. Dinghy : from the Hindi dingiya meaning a small rowing boat
  5. Pyjama : from the Hindi payajama meaning a pair of light, comfortable trousers
  6. Cashmere : from the Hindi Kashmir – the region where the Cashmere goat was found
  7. Chutney : from the Hindi chatni meaning to lick and refering to a pickled condiment usually used with curries.
  8. Shampoo : from the Hindi champo to squeeze or massage
  9. Cot : from the Hindi khat or khatwa meaning a bed
  10. Bungalow : from the Hindi bangla meaning houses built in the style of Bengal

Do you know of any others? Write them down in the comments sections below.

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