Top 5 reasons to study English abroad ... and where to go!

With English4Today you have a great opportunity to study English online – anywhere, anytime and for as long as you like. But if you really want to learn English fast there is nothing better than to combine your online English4Today English learning with an intensive English language course abroad. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why studying English abroad is a great idea if you want to improve quickly:

1. Immersive learning

Immersive learning only means that you are completely surrounded by and exposed to English all the time. In your home country it is often the case, even if you go to a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ language school, that you will be exposed to English for short periods at a time and the rest of the time, well … your are ‘immersed’ in your own language! Learning English in an English speaking country exposes you to the language all the time and in hundreds of different situations.

2. ‘Real world’ practice situations

When you are learning English you often rely on role play or simulated exercises to learn how to communicate in various situations such as shopping, travelling, greeting and socialising with people. Of course, you will learn from these but you will learn a lot faster if you are faced with real English language situations, in an English speaking country where people are using common English formulas and expressions to communicate with you and you with them.

3. Everything English

In an English speaking country everything is in English: newspapers, road signs, information boards, publicity, books, radio, television, movies… everything! You are pretty much forced from day 1 of arriving to read and understand English everywhere you go and look. It improves your vocabulary and reading skills much faster than if you rely solely on your English vocabulary text book!

4. Culture and society

Going to an English speaking country exposes you to more than just the English that they speak there. You are immersed (that word again!) in the local culture and society and can really get a feel for the country you are in, its people and how they express themselves through English. And it’s a great opportunity to make new English speaking friends.

5. Professional and structured learning

Nearly all English language schools in English speaking countries (and ALL of the ones that we have here on English4Today) are run by professional English language teaching experts who provide high-quality courses that combine the structured course materials that you need as well as opportunities to use the English you have learnt in organised cultural and learning excursions in nearby locations.

And when your study abroad English language course is over you can continue learning with English4Today – blended learning!

English4Today has hundreds of  English courses in our study English abroad section where you can get instant course fees. Take a look now and start your study English abroad journey!

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