Nationalities & Regions

Here is a list of the most common nationalities and regions showing the country or region, the noun form and the adjective form.

Nationalities 2



  • She is an African. She comes from Kenya.
  • She has an African dress.
AfricaAfricanan African
AmericaAmericanan American
ArgentinaArgentinianan Argentinian
AustriaAustrianan Austrian
AustraliaAustralianan Australian
BangladeshBangladesh(i)a Bangladeshi
BelgiumBelgiana Belgian
BrazilBraziliana Brazilian
BritainBritisha Briton/Britisher
CambodiaCambodiana Cambodian
ChileChileana Chilean
ChinaChinesea Chinese
ColombiaColombiana Colombian
CroatiaCroatiana Croat
the Czech RepublicCzecha Czech
DenmarkDanisha Dane
EnglandEnglishan Englishman/Englishwoman
FinlandFinnisha Finn
FranceFrencha Frenchman/Frenchwoman
GermanyGermana German
GreeceGreeka Greek
HollandDutcha Dutchman/Dutchwoman
HungaryHungariana Hungarian
IcelandIcelandican Icelander
IndiaIndianan Indian
IndonesiaIndonesianan Indonesian
IranIranianan Iranian
IraqIraqian Iraqi
IrelandIrishan Irishman/Irishwoman
IsraelIsraelian Israeli
JamaicaJamaicana Jamaican
JapanJapanesea Japanese
MexicoMexicana Mexican
MoroccoMoroccana Moroccan
NorwayNorwegiana Norwegian
PeruPeruviana Peruvian
the PhilippinesPhilippinea Filipino
PolandPolisha Pole
PortugalPortuguesea Portuguese
RumaniaRumaniana Rumanian
RussiaRussiana Russian
Saudi ArabiaSaudi, Saudi Arabiana Saudi, a Saudi Arabian
ScotlandScottisha Scot
SerbiaSerbiana Serb
the Slovak RepublicSlovaka Slovak
SwedenSwedisha Swede
SwitzerlandSwissa Swiss
ThailandThaia Thai
The USAAmericanan American
TunisiaTunisiana Tunisian
TurkeyTurkisha Turk
VietnamVietnamesea Vietnamese
WalesWelsha Welshman/Welshwoman
YugoslaviaYugoslava Yugoslav

We use the + nationality adjective ending in -ese or -ish with a plural verb, to refer to all people of that nationality:

  • The Chinese are very hard-working.
  • The Spanish enjoy tapas.


You can download a PDF file to print with all of the nationalities.

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